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Simmental Herd Sires


These are our Simmental Herd Sires.  These sires have been tested on all our first time heifers with great success.  Calving ease is imperative at this ranch.  We basically breed for; Half-Quarter-Quarter or Three Quarter-One Quarter of our selective breeds.  We feel that we get the best Heterosis this way.  Come see for yourself we welcome you to view our program anytime.

Our herd today is primarily Simmental Cross 50% or more that we breed to our Maine-Anjou and Angus-Braunvieh. 


Video of WCS Glock 7118E

WCS GLOCK 7118E  Pedigree

Our newest Purebred Simmental Sire we are very excited to use on our cow herd.

The first babies arrived in March 2019.  They have been everything we have been searching for and more! The first group of weaned calves will be in Oct 2019.  Stop by and see the fancy heifers we will offer for sale private treaty.  First come first served.  Starting at $1800-$3500 each.

Thank you to Western Cattle Services of Crawford, NE. 


Simmental Herd Sire

TCL Turks Rex

TCL Turks Rex 3224225    25% Simmental
Sire: TLCC Turk S6103 ET   Dam: TCL Patricia P4124  (Picasso daughter)
Dual Registered Simmental and Maine Anjou​.  But primarily using on our Simmental females. We used him with great success on some Cutter daughters, calving ease and thick sound calves.   His first calves hit the ground and we also used him on several first time heifers with no problems.  Very stout and sound babies!  Come see them. 


Simmental Herd Sire

TCL Habernos Huck

TCL Habernos Huck 3071002
Half Blood Simmental

Sire: Haberno Y81 by BMR Explorer son by Westfall Voyager. 
We have used in herd on several of our Simmental/Maine/Angus cows. We raised him and was an experiment in our breeding program to keep them half, quarter quarter. 
He has calving ease and his calves gain well also.  Keeping several daughters as replacement base herd. His daughters will be bred to Flying B Cutter and WCS Glock. 
The picture is of Huck in the breeding pasture Dec 2018.  He grew up to be a massive bull! 


Simmental Herd Sire

TCL Chops Wood C5385

TCL CHOPS WOOD C5385 Reg # 3224226


DOB: 9-21-2015 BW: 75  WW: 675  YW:  1200

Comments:  He just has that style and cool look.   We would use him on our Haberno and Cutter daughters.  His calves stand out quickly with their pretty fronts and big back ends!  Tops in them like we want flat and wide!  Come see his first crop and then you will understand our genetics in work!  The proof is in the pudding!   Woody will go to Kentucky to a repeat bull buyers herd this fall.  We know he will knock it out of the park for Tyson Rogers program.


Foundation Simmental Herd Sire


Flying B Cutter - 2594025
(deceased) 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Angus 

Sire: AKA Fat Butt son or Flying B Cut Above- Cutter is a 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Angus Used exclusively on heifers with great results. Super pretty fronted and very good disposition from Flying B Farms.   He is producing some replacement females and also some nice young bulls we kept out of first calf heifers that will have calving ease.  His calves have been going to several to show and doing really well too!  Nice fronted, smooth shouldered, calm dispositions and lots of style.  We used Flying B Cutter for many years a foundation for our Simmental.  We kept numerous daughters from Cutter.  He was easy calving and our go to for all our first calf heifers for many years.

Our herd today is primarily Simmental Cross 50% or more that we breed to our Maine-Anjou and Angus-Braunvieh. 


Foundation Simmental Herd Sire


Haberno Y81 (Bernie)2628830 deceased

Purebred Simmental  - Homozygous Polled Heterosis Black
Sire: BMR Explorer son by Westfall Voyager. 
We have used in herd on several of our Simmental/Maine/Angus cows. We purchased him at Connors State College as the top gainer in the Simmental group at 5.26 pounds per day.  His calves gain well also. His group of bull calves averaged 722 # at 205 days. Keeping several daughters as replacement base herd. His daughters are bred to Flying B Cutter.  All have beautiful udders and making great females and mothers. 



Foundation Simmental Herd Sire


TCL Chop Sticks - 2656153
Semen available $20 Straw

1/2 Simmental 1/4 Chi/Angus 1/4 Braunvieh
Sire; ZKCC Chopper Dam: TLC Whoa Girl (Dam of TLCC Turk) Donor 
His first daughters are proving he was a keeper and worthy of semen collection.  His cattle are in demand each calf crop.  Nice udders and great mothers.  They are deep bodied and easy keeping. We lost Chops in July 2017 to lighting.  RIP Chops.


Video Of TCL Chop Sticks

Check out this great video

Foundation Simmental Herd Sire


TCL Chops Harv Z2385 (deceased) - 2834496 

Sire: ZKCC Chopper son out of one of our best cows TLCC Hardy Direction T7436.
MA387148. Her dam was reg angus; CA Future Direction and her sire was TLCC Hardy a CMCC Hardcore son we used extensively in herd for replacement females.  ​Hardy went back to a big deep bodied Angus cow that had a perfect udder.  

We could have sold him several times over and we hung onto him for a reason.  

Harv first calves hit the ground in Spring 2015.. We liked them so much we bred him back to several more.  Tested free of All DNA defects.  We kept a son called TCL Mick that we will use heavily in 2019-2020 Breeding Season.