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Thorne Ranch Cow Herd

Our Cow herd are from top genetics and very fertile.  We have done artificial insemination and embryo transplant for over twenty years.  We have finally accomplished a cow herd of our dreams.  Our basic herd is Simmental/Maine/Angus and a few Braunvieh.  The past few years we incorporated more Simmental into the herd to keep maternal and hybrid cross.  We don't have an udder problem and our cow herd is very docile and easy to handle.  There are Embryos for sale from some of our proven Donors.   We have a good cross section of our four breeds!


  • Our Simmental Cow Herd, are from proven names in the Simmental world.  ZKCC Chopper, Meyer 734, Picasso and Flying B Cut Above.  We purchased a 3/4 son of Fat Butt named Flying B Cutter that we have bred every first calf heifer to with great success.  We also purchased Haberno Y81 a Purebred Simmental bull that was on test at Connors State College and one of the highest gainers in the test at 5.26 pounds per day.  We have kept several of his daughters and they are doing a great job.  The past few years we incorporated more Simmental into the herd to keep maternal and hybrid cross.  We love the dispositions and maternal value that Simmental bring to our herd.  Those white faces don't hurt us a bit either.  Our Angus base goes back to, New Day 8005, Juneau, BC Raven, New Look, Gar Integrity, Emblazon and Hoff Scotch.  Our Angus are moderate framed with good bone and great udders.


  • Our Maine-Anjou Cow herd are from top genetics in the Maine-Anjou breed.  We select for maternal and docile females.  Most of our Maine herd is Maintainers meaning they are percentage. At least 25% to 50%.  Maine bulls we have used extensively in our herd were; Gold Club, Medicine Man, Intense Plus, Irish Whiskey, CMC Hardcore, Cowan's Ali, GVC Suh, Wild Turkey, Polled Energizer and Witch Doctor.  


  • Our Braunvieh Cow herd came from proven genetics that have consistently been in the top in the, show ring  and carcass contests. Abbie researched the breed in Canada and Switzerland before he selected his base herd.  Thorne Ranch was the first breeder in Oklahoma to have Fullblood Braunvieh in 1991.  We flushed Donors to Registered Angus bulls and those females fertility and life life span are still in our herd favorites.  We also flushed to top Maine-Anjou bulls to produced show ring style with bone and correct feet and legs.  Those cattle could show as Maintainers or Beefbuilder Braunvieh.   Although there are few Braunvieh here today they were the base of our cow herd.   There are still Embryos for sale from some of our top proven Donors.  





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Our Cow Herd



TRI/TLC Whoa Girl N3100  (Heidi)


Dam:TLC Beverly K2386

DOB: 3-3-2003  Still in production

K2386 was in produciton until she was 16 years of age and still had a beautiful udder

Heidi is the Donor Dam of TLCC Turk S6103 ET sired by Wild Turkey a clean Irish Whiskey son and TCL Chop Sticks a natural son sired by ZKCC Chopper until his untimely death by lighting. We built a Maine and Simmental line from her.  They have not disappointed us.  Several daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters in production.  They are easy to distinguish in the herd.  Clean fronted and beautiful udders. 



TLCC/TCL/TLC  Heart of Gold S6150 ET

Sire: Gold Club

Dam: TCL Heart N3152 ET  (Meyer 734 x Veronica H3)

DOB: 4-20-2006

Heart is everything we hoped she would be.  She was BAA Percentage Show heifer of the year and tied with TRI/TLC Lulu that Rashele Blakely showed heavily for Show Heifer of the year.  Lulu is still in production also.  Our Show Heifers come back to become momma cows here!  She waltzes across the pasture with a calf at side each year.




Sire: TLCC Turk S6103 ET

Dam: TCL Patricia P4124  (Still in production)

DOB: 4-1-2008 

Trish is dual registered Simmental and Maine-Anjou.  So we can breed her two ways easily! She is a Whoa Girl granddaughter that has been fertile and produced a calf every year since she was a bred heifer.  We showed her as a virgin heifer.  Still very sound footed beautiful udder and great disposition.  Coming with another fall calf in 2019.



Veronica has been a staple at Thorne Ranch for many years in our ET Program. We flushed her to several out of breed bulls like - Hot Rod CA, Draftpick, Cowan's Ali, CMCC Hardcore, Meyer 734, and also several Braunvieh Bulls.  She is the dam of TLCC Zip Code and was also the dam of TLCC Vincente. We have granddaughters, great granddaughters, great great granddaughters in production. We love her performance and calving ease!  Her line is long and we have several that go back to her in their pedigree. VERONICA LIVED A LONG LONG LIFE AND WAS HUMANELY PUT DOWN AT THE AGE OF 22 YEAR OLD IN 2019.  SHE IS BURIED IN THE PASTURE SHE GRACED FOR MANY YEARS.